Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Story- Part 4

Get caught up- check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here if you haven’t already!

After our night together I let S know that I’d like to see her again but she tells me it will be awhile because she is really busy.  I thought that maybe she wasn’t into me but the reality was she was working two jobs for the summer and literally had no time.  Sorority girl calls me and chats with me like nothing ever happened, like we never broke up and I’m confused and get off the phone with her quickly, not wanting to see her or talk to her yet.

Back at work things are fine with S, but work is busy and I just can’t read what she is feeling/thinking.  I know I want to see her again but I’m not sure if I should ask her out or what I should do.  So in an effort to see her again outside of work I decide to throw a party.

What I fail to realize is that throwing a party is a major mistake.  Sorority girl by this time is tired of me ignoring her, so an hour or so before the party is supposed to start she shows up, having no idea that I’m having a party.  But pretty soon people start showing up and I keep trying to get her to leave.  S shows up and is really confused to see sorority girl there with me, but plays it cool.  There are way too many people at my apartment and sorority girl gets pissed because she has figured out something is going on.  She pulls me outside to talk.

And of course our talk turns into a scream fight once I finally come clean with her and tell her that I’ve slept with someone else.  She is outraged because in her mind we werent’t really broken up, but on a break and she is ready to get back together.  But I’m not, I’m done with being jerked around, having my feelings smashed every other week and I just want her to leave.

In the middle of our fight one of our friends comes outside to tell us that the police are here.  Shit.  We are on the side of the apartment and so we can’t see the front where the police are. They got a noise complaint about the party.  And I am suddenly so exhausted from all of this that I just tell my friend to turn everything off and have everyone go home.

Sorority girl and I keep fighting and then once everyone is gone, go inside and fight some more.  At one point she is so upset that she starts throwing up.  I don’t know what to do.  I just want her to leave and I just want S to come back.  She leaves and I call S and leave a super sad message for her and go to bed.

The next morning S shows up, having gotten my sad message, and she brings cartoons and candy to cheer me up.  And it was exactly the right thing, exactly what I needed.  I explain to her what happened with sorority girl and tell her that I really like her and want to see more of her.  And to my shock, she says she feels the same way.

Of course sorority girl isn’t done yet and over the next few weeks writes me long love letters, leaves flowers in my car, calls a thousand times, but it is all too little too late.

S and I want to take things slow, after all I’ve only been out of my last serious relationship for 5 days at this point, but we literally end up being Uhaul lesbians.  My roommate/BFF Brandon and I are supposed to move apartments in three weeks when we find out that our new apartment isn’t going to be ready on time, that we will have a month gap where we will be homeless.  And even though it’s totally crazy, S lets me move in with her for that month after only dating three weeks.  Brandon actually ends up moving in with sorority girl for the month, which sounds weird considering our break up.  But there is something I haven’t mentioned yet, sorority girl and my BFF are cousins.  That was totally awesome when we were together, and totally the worst now that we are broken up.  So we all just avoid each other for the month.

Living with S for that month goes great and we get much more serious than we probably should have but we can’t help it, we are falling in love and it is such a rush.

But that is not where this story ends…. to be continued.


  1. Is it awful that I find it somewhat hilarious that you actually ARE U-Haul lesbians? (Not that the situation you were in is entertaining in the least, just that one part of it. Plus, like the others who have posted their stories, I know how it works out, so it makes all the drama seem not so bad. Ya' know?)

  2. Real life is stranger than fiction. I love it!