Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Inappropriate Question- Day 1 of Daycare

With my current state of being I can’t take care of Jude.  Either my variety of pills have kicked in and while I’m not in much pain I’m either asleep or half way asleep, or my pills haven’t kicked in yet and I’m clenching my teeth in pain counting the minutes.  Even on the good stuff I haven’t gotten out of bed today (it’s 4pm) yet other than one time to pee and that’s not because I don’t have things I’d like to do.  So obviously I can’t take care of a curious 13 month old.  So we have spent the last three weeks with a good friend watching Jude and I while we looked for a more long term solution.  S toured a daycare nearby and not only was it too expensive, she came home crying at that thought of Jude being some place like that.  And while I’m sure if we had the money and the time that there are lots of better day cares out there, we decided to look into an in home daycare to see what we could find.  Jude isn’t used to being on a very set schedule, he is a picky eater and needs a lot of attention and cuddling.  Also S works about an hour away from our house and so we needed some place where she could pick him up at 7pm, which I was very surprised to find was a nearly impossible time, both the big day cares and the in home day cares around us were very strict on a 6pm cut off time.  So after looking and looking and emailing we found a perfect fit for us.

He is going to an amazing in home daycare that is just a mile or so away from our house.  Right now the daycare is just him and the 15 month old son of the lady who runs it.  She might at the most take on one other kid in their age range but right now it is just the two of them.  And so far we are all such a good fit that I think we will end up being friends even after we don’t need Jude in daycare.  She also cloth diapers her son, she feeds them organic veggies and fruit that she gets each week from the farmer’s market, she texts me pictures of them playing and updates all through the day, and seems to genuinely care for Jude.  Another cool thing is that Jude will learn sign language because her son is deaf and they are teaching him to sign.  So far he knows about 50 words which blows Jude’s 4 words (dog, cat, uh oh, and sometimes mama) out of the water.  Oh and did I mention it is all SO much cheaper than traditional daycare?  Score.

A very funny thing happened though when S went to pick Jude up from his first day.  She was talking to Julia (the daycare lady) about the boys and their day when Julia asked if there was something different about Jude’s because even though both boys are uncircumcised, his looks different.  And I guess they figured out it was because we don’t pull back Jude’s foreskin yet and they do.  But what was funny was S said to her, ‘Yeah, Liz and I were talking about how we were curious to see Bryce’s because he is circumcised and we wondered if it looked very different.  And then we babysat for him and it was totally different.”  And this is funny because S forgot that Julia’s husband’s name is Bryce, but S was talking about one of Jude’s baby friends.  So Julia for a minute totally thought that S and I had been discussing her husband’s and wanting to see it!  She was so embarrassed and turned bright red until she realized S was talking about a baby and not her husband.  So funny.  And what is also funny is that Julia was like, “Well for a second I thought, maybe he would show them, just for educational purposes if they were really that curious.”  Um, no thank you!

Random cute Jude photos as I haven’t posted any in a bit:



  1. That story is hilarious! I really appreciate almost volunteering her husband for "educational purposes."

  2. Funny story. Sounds like a great fit for daycare.

    That's strange that they're pulling it back. It's my understanding as a mom with 2 uncircumcized boys, that you don't do that and they will do it naturally later. My 3 year old did that a few months ago for the first time.

  3. Jude is looking so blonde!
    Do what you want to do, of course, but our ped told us not to worry about pulling anything back and said The Bean playing in the bathtub or whatever should be sufficient in loosening his foreskin.

  4. That is hysterical :)