Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Story- Part 2

Here is the link back to Part 1 if you missed it.

Ok so when we left off I was back to dating my sorority girlfriend and S and I had gotten jobs together.

S and I worked at a restaurant near campus called The Hideaway.  It is a fancy pizza place that had just opened up and I worked there waiting tables and S worked in the kitchen and sometimes waited tables too.  We were friendly to each other and because everyone at the Hideaway all hung out together, we hung out a few times in a group as well.  But S still didn’t have a very high opinion of me, I was just another one of the stoner waitresses working there.  She told me later that she thought that I was cute, but that my roommate was cuter.  Thanks babe :).  This is a picture that was literally my picture that hung up at work on the big board of employees, it was a Polaroid, so that's the deal with the writing on it.  Oh and I had a tongue ring at the time.  Everyone else’s pictures were pretty serious, I’ve always been a bit silly.

Things were going really well with sorority girl, we spent pretty much every night together, either at her apartment or mine.  We were out to all of my friends and even a few of hers.  We both got Gap credit cards and dressed alike (which looking back on it now, what a weird thing to do).  We were so in love and having so much fun being young crazy college students.  I thought that it would never end, that we would grow old together.  Sorority girl was so happy that she decided she wanted to commit further and come out to her parents.  I was behind her on this, as coming out to my parents hadn’t been a big deal.  She went home for the weekend on her own and sat them down and told them she was in love with a woman and was gay.  They freaked out.  They cried and told her she was going to hell and that they were pulling her out of school and moving her back home (keep in mind she was a junior in college at this point), they were going to cut off her money for school and living (she had never really even had a job, they totally supported her) and all sorts of craziness.  Sorority girl is an only child and has always been very close to her parents.  She was devastated and shocked by their reaction.  She came home a mess and cried in her apartment bathroom for hours, refusing to come out.

I didn’t know what to do other than assure her that we would work things out.  We could get an apartment together, she could get a job and loans and it would all be fine, we would still be together and eventually her parents would come around.  She didn’t see it that way and we broke up, only to get back together a few days later.  She lied to her parents and told them things were over and tried to make that a reality by breaking up with me every few weeks.  And this continued all of the spring semester of my sophomore year, we’d break up for a few days over her not being able to handle things and then get back together.  It was awful and as a result I started drinking heavily, which didn’t help.

During all of this time S and her long term girlfriend broke up.  I heard around work that it was because she wanted to start dating men.  S actually confronted me about this gossip one day at work and set the record straight that yes they had broken up but that she was still into women.

Sorority girl and I finished the semester and my two best friends went out of town for part of the summer, one to Tennessee and one to Europe.  So I was all alone when we finally had our big final break up.  I couldn’t believe it and was in shock, though even I could see that this was for the best.  I was miserable with her and breaking up needed to happen.  I tried to move on as quickly as possible, I wanted to find someone new.  The drinking got worse, I started sleeping with a bottle of tequila in my bed and I started using my fake id to go out to the lesbian bar every night to be stupid.  Two nights after we broke up I was at the bar when while totally wasted made out on the dance floor with this scary 50 year old mullet wearing woman.  A friend had to drag me away and force me to go home before I did anything any stupider.

The next day at work I don’t know why, but I told S all about my sob story break up and about getting drunk at the bars to pick up random women.  S responded by telling me that she also did stupid things like make out with random women when she was drunk.  So of course I suggested that she come over to my place after work so we could have some drinks together.  Pretty smooth, eh?

To be continued...


  1. Sounds like a great pick up line to me, LOL. Yes, you are right, L.Word material we ALL are!!!! :)

    But really? The 50 year old mullet lady? That is a "get sober" moment if I have ever seen one! Hahahaha

  2. Great story so far! Can't wait to read more.

  3. LOL. Looking forward to Part 3!