Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Little Better

Thanks for all of your sweet words and concern on my last post.  This last week has been really hard but I think that I’m seeing a tiny bit of improvement.  Last week I started a new medication that today is the first day I’m on a full dose of and it has helped a tiny bit with the pain.  Also, going to the chiropractor 4 times last week helped some too.  I’m still going to need a lot of help next week and honestly probably the week after that as well, but it feels good to have made progress, no matter how small.  But things didn’t work out entirely how I had planned…

I went on Wednesday to get my MRI done.  I filled out the mountain of paper work, stripped down to the little hospital gown and got onto the table to get it done.  Though I’m losing weight, I’m still a large lady and it was going to be a very tight fit. The tech got me about a third of the way in and then pulled me out to have me adjust and I freaked out.  Turns out I am claustrophobic, at least when it comes to be jammed into a tiny white tube.  I felt like I was being made into Liz toothpaste and that I would rather have been in a coffin.  Ugh, it was horrible.  So, I couldn’t go through with it, though the tech was really nice about it, I’m sure he deals with people freaking out all day long.  He said I might do better in an open MRI were I would have more room and not be totally enclosed.  I left a message with my doctor to have him request that I get an open MRI instead, so hopefully that will happen next week.  And I now plan to take a muscle relaxer before hand and to just close my eyes the whole time.

Physical therapy was a no go also.  I talked to my physical therapist and she felt more comfortable starting a program after my doctor reviews my MRI considering the amount of pain I’m in.  But I think instead next week I’m going to try to go to this pain relief yoga class.  I’ll try just about anything at this point.  Oh and to person who commented about doing acupuncture, I did try that for several weeks at first and even though I really enjoyed it, it didn’t really help at all.

I have to say through all of this I have an amazing wife and amazing friends.  S has taken such good care of me and Jude these last two weeks, doing all of the shopping, cooking, cleaning and general care that we need.  I know she is under a lot of stress and working much much harder than anyone should ever have to.  She is my rock and I couldn’t survive without her.  Love you my sweetness!

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