Thursday, December 22, 2011

Waiting for my Baby...

In almost one month exactly, Jude’s due date will be here.  But the real question on our minds is will he be here?  It’s killing us not to know when our little boy will come into the world.  I feel like we are so ready for him to be born, to join our family.  S is also really ready to not be pregnant anymore.  Poor thing has been in some pain the last few days.  Her hips hurt, her back is sore and now that Jude has dropped some what, her pelvis is under constant uncomfortable pressure.  I hate seeing her feel bad and it’s hard to imagine that this level of discomfort could last another month or even longer.  I just hope that we don’t have a Christmas baby.  This week is too early, but 2 different friends have warned us that we better not have this baby while they are out of town, and the superstitious side of me thinks that because of this it is now a possibility.  Eeek!

S had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  The doctor says that she isn’t dilated yet and that while the baby might have dropped some, he hasn’t dropped all of the way yet.  Everything looks great and it’s a matter of time now.  I feel really grateful how healthy S had managed to stay through this pregnancy.  In our birthing class one girl who is due around the same time as S is in the hospital right now.  She has been on bed rest for about 3 weeks and in the hospital for about 2 weeks now.  Her blood pressure has been high and she has been in tons of pain for ages.  Yesterday at birthing class our instructor told us that she now has developed preeclampsia and will be induced on the 27th.  I’m so grateful that this isn’t S’s situation.  She has managed to avoid all of that stuff along with gestational diabetes and still hasn’t gained even 25 lbs.  S rocks and I’m so proud of her!  She makes this baby making business look easy (but I know that it isn’t).

Speaking of birthing class we had our last class yesterday.  I’m sad that it’s done, I really enjoyed it and feel like I learned a lot.  I would really recommend anyone who is interested in having a natural child birth check out the Bradley Method.  Our instructor is amazing and I’m so glad that her and her husband want to be friends with us in real life outside of the class.  I’m also excited that all of the other couples in the class seem to really want to start our own little baby play group once all of the babies are here.  That will be so much fun.

Is everyone ready for Christmas?  I still have 1 million things left on my list to get done.  My mom and my youngest brother are coming into town tonight and so I’m hoping to get out of work early today so I can finish some last minute cleaning and wrap their presents and what not.  I’m really excited to have them here for the holidays.  I’m also hoping to cheer up my little brother while he is here.  He sent me a text yesterday that he wanted a recommendation for a book.  He said he wanted something funny because he has been really bummed out and lonely lately.  Makes me so sad! 

So with family in town we probably won’t be posting again until after Christmas, so everyone have a good one and safe travels!

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  1. I a dream last night we were making pizza at your house - you, Starr, Jason and I. We were putting all our toppings on and a baby started crying. I looked around and Jude had been sleeping behind us in his high chair. I gave you a questioning look and you said "oh,yeah, I forgot to tell you we had Jude last week." You were so casual about it. Starr fed him and we all sat around having dinner and he looked like a baby but he kept jumping into our conversation with little one liner jokes - it was so strange. Can't wait to really meet him - so close!!!