Wednesday, December 14, 2011

35 Weeks Bump Picture!

I can't believe that S is in her 35th week.  Only 5 more weeks (or less!) till our little man is here.  It is starting to sink in to me that we are going to go into the hospital, S will give birth, and at the end we will have a precious little baby that they will actually let us take home with us.  I'm so excited and so nervous and so ready and so not ready that is a whirl wind of feelings and emotions.  So much that at this point I come home everyday and I'm just exhausted from thinking about it all.  Of course at this point no amount of thinking will get me as tired as poor S is after a long day of working.  Poor thing, I wish we had the means for her to stay at home these last few weeks of pregnancy so she could prop her poor swollen feet up and take it easy.  She is doing a great job though growing this baby and is such a trooper about the whole thing.  And look at how cute that belly is!
So I still haven't managed to get together any pictures from our shower or any of the other million pictures I have promised you (I'm a naughty blogger), but I do have one more picture to share with you.  Several years ago before we were even thinking about having a baby, S and I went into one of those photo booths they have at game places where they combine your pictures and show you what your future baby might look like.  And randomly my friend Brandon ended up with the picture.  Before the shower he was doing some organizing and found our picture of our "future baby" and framed it and gave it to us as what is for sure the funniest baby shower present we have gotten to date.  Here is it for your enjoyment:
Doesn't he look creepy?  Ha ha ha.  And a lot like a young Rick Perry if you ask me.  Hopefully Jude will NOT look like this kid, but it is funny.


  1. ha! that's hilarious! You'll have to do a comparison when Jude is 4 or so and see how well they did!

  2. 35 weeks! so exciting!!! those picture morph things are pretty funny