Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who’s belly button is that and the ninja inside

There are a lot of things that change when your pregnant.  The one I find the strangest so far is my belly button.  It used to be a huge cave and is almost flush right now.  I imagine I will have the “turkey’s done!”  belly button before the end of this pregnancy.  I always think those are so cute (and hilarious) on people, so I am not really worried about it.

Yesterday, I was a little worried about Jude.  He only gave me 2 tiny kicks, that could have been something else, before about 1pm.  He usually has 5 good kicking sessions by then.  I decided the best thing to do was get a massage and relax, so in the middle of my work day, I went and had a preggo massage.  What was funny about it was that the woman that massaged me was also pregnant, so we talked babies thru most of it.  Jude decided that it was the perfect time to high kick me, so I felt better.  That night, we were laying around watching Modern Family (brilliant show I might add) and Jude started really kicking.  I laid on my back with the belly towards Liz and let her feel the craziness going on inside me:)  I do love his little kicks, but the cool part was Liz felt each kick clearly.  She even said he moved her hand a few times.  He was kicking so hard that she is a little worried about what he is going to do once he weighs more than a pound and a half!  I have to admit, I am a little scared too as some of his kicks take my breath away already.  I love it so much though, that I am more excited then anything!

On a negative note, I got a message from my mom a night ago that really upset me.  She said she was probably going to skip the baby shower.  I felt so hurt that she would not be really excited about her first, and honestly  maybe her only, grandbaby’s shower.  With my mom, there are 2 ways to do things.  1. I can spare her feelings like I have for years and just say, “okay, it’s fine” or 2. my more recent approach of being honest with her.  She has not taken the 2nd one very well, but as Liz pointed out, I should probably be honest with her even if it is not always great.  So, I called her and told her I was very surprised she was not over the moon about going to the shower.  She broke down and explained that she does not do social gatherings very well and it would cost a lot of money.  We finally agreed on her coming to the shower in Austin instead of the one in Tulsa.  She feels like she knows my friends (??) and would feel more comfortable there than at the one with people she doesn’t know.  Okay, that’s fine.  I thought it was a good conversation and then she sent me an e-mail being her usual dramatic self. Sigh, and then she wonders why we don’t jump on the chance to come for a visit.

All in all the pregnancy is going well at this point.  I do keep staring at this big belly in the mirror.  It is so funny to me.  Liz is taking good care of me.  The other night, we were going to go to a movie, but I was too tired and then I was upset I was so tired.  She suggested we just rent a movie and make a cozy palate to cuddle up on.  We did that and then she rubbed my shoulders and feet and read me to sleep.  It was a nice, preggie chill, date night for us.

I did weigh myself this morning and have lost a pound and a half.  Not intentional, but I think between my stomach not feeling great most of the time and being busy, I am just not eating enough.  I even packed in some high calorie foods this week, but it did not seem to be enough.  I am not really all that worried about it since I was overweight to begin with.  I know that Jude is getting what he needs and I am the one missing out.  But still, at 6 months pregnant, weight should be going up, not down.

I am really enjoying little Jude being with me all the time.  I am at the point where I am feel pretty good, and he is active, so it is pretty amazing and fun right now.  I am really excited that Liz is starting to clearly feel him move around too.  I don’t think it will be very long until others can feel him also.  I have a whole bunch of people at work just dying to feel the little guy.  I think work is going to throw me a baby shower also.  That will be 3 showers!  Already little Jude has so much love around him!


  1. You're movie-in date night made me "aww".

    It's so exciting when the baby starts moving around a lot. I used to love sitting with my hand on Jen's stomach waiting to feel The Bean kick.

    Sorry to hear your mom is being difficult. I struggle with my mom too. Hope yours comes around a bit.

    Your doctor/midwife should be on top of any weight concerns you might have.

  2. Sorry to hear about ur mom. I have the same problems. We've talked about it before.. but it still sucks. It's SO frustrating, but even more so when it's a situation as important as your first child's shower. I hope it gets better for you.
    I love u guys and we are SO excited to meet Jude! It's so cool having close friends go through ALL this before us. You two have always been the trailblazers for the rest of us!

    See you soon!