Friday, September 9, 2011

Ninja baby!

We had our regular Drs. appointment a few days ago.  My favorite part is hearing the heartbeat.  Turns out, this is not Jude’s favorite part.  The nurse took the little machine around my stomach, searching for him.  When she found him, he had a good solid heartbeat.  We were listening to it when he hi-ya kicked the machine.  He kicked it so hard, it interrupted the reading we were getting.  Much like his moms, Jude does not like his sleep interrupted!:)  The tech seemed shocked and Liz and I thought it was hilarious.

On another note, I got my first stranger smile.  You know, the “hey, you’re pregnant” smile.  I officially look preggie to the general public.  I have not had unsolicited tummy touches, but I am sure they will happen soon enough.

I also finally broke down and bought some new bras.  The ones I have are no longer fitting.  I hate bra shopping, so Liz had to coax me thru it.  I do officially have 2 new bras!  Neither of them are nursing bras, so I will still have to buy those, but I am have some time.

I also had a major preggie moment at work.  I feel at all times like my brain is in a cloud.  It is not very fun for this type A, but people at work think it is hilarious.  I was at the front desk(the only one up there) and some of the staff wanted their paychecks.  I popped in back to get them for them and then totally forgot about the desk!  About 10 minutes later, I am eating and jump up and run up front.  Fortunately, one of my employees was up there and I asked her if she was there when I went back and she said yes.  The good news: I did not actually leave the front desk unattended.  The bad news:  I totally thought I had and then could not remember if my employee was up there or not!  Aw jeez!!  I keep forgetting what I am supposed to do and getting distracted easily.  My concentration is not what it used to be!  It is frustrating for me, but my whole staff just thinks it is such a riot since it is so different from things I would normally do.  Oh well, not much I can do about it.

I also made one of my employees stop and get me a scone on the way to work yesterday.  I just needed it bad!

I feel Jude moving around all the time.  He is an active little guy.  It’s really neat!  He loves it when I eat.  He always wakes up for meal time.   I am starving all the time too!  I went from being sick all the time to wanting to eat the house down!  It seems like it is going fine though as I have gained a little under 9 pounds at this point.  I just have to be sure to swim and do my yoga or walk the dogs as I am so very hungry all the time!

We also signed up for a Bradley class!  I am very excited!!  It is 12 weeks, which is quite long, but I am one of those people who takes as much training as possible for anything, so I am happy to take it.  It is right around the corner from the house, which is nice and starts October 5th.

Well, off to work I go to forget things!;)


  1. that's so cute - you've got a little soccer player in there! :D

  2. awww. Congrats on the public recognition thing! And that's hilarious about him kicking the monitor... maybe he doesn't like being poked? perhaps? LOL

  3. oh yeah, our boy was ticked about that too. its funny that they have personality already!

  4. Aww, thats so cute! Lets hope he's not a kicker from outside the womb :)