Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In Progress (and Belly Shots!)

            Right now, everything seems to be in progress.  S is now more than half way through this pregnancy, so our baby is defiantly “in progress”.  Everyday our little boy gets bigger and stronger, I’ve felt him kick and move around probably 3-4 times now, but only one really big kick so far.  And everyday my beautiful wife’s belly gets rounder and rounder.  Here is her 22 weeks belly shot.  And guess what?  S is going to be showing her cute little face around here now!  Yay!

            The nursery is constantly in progress, though a lot of good progress has been made.  I’m working on a really cute “Hey Jude” painting to hang over his crib.  It’s getting close to done and hopefully I will finish it up this week.  Here it is so far, with the lovely S posing with it. 

            I’m also mostly done redoing the dresser that will go in the room.  I cannot wait to finish it, move it into the nursery, and mostly, show it off to you guys!  The dresser was an old one that I’ve always disliked that S had as a little girl.  It was cream/off white colored with green and blue accents and little blue and green 3D flowers on it.  All I have left to do on it is attach the new knobs and put at one last coat of polyurethane and it will be all done!  Again, I hope to have it done today or tomorrow, so you can expect a post later this week about the whole process, including before and after pictures!



  1. These pictures are beautiful; SO glad everything is going so well! Will you post some of yourself, too, Liz?

  2. Great pics! Looking forward to the nursery! I can tell you and I have similar tastes :)

  3. rooms, your hair is so long!!! you still look like you're 12 hahaha..... you look really great <3...