Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jude’s new trick

This little guy is very active.  He only moves around for short a amount of time, but he moves around often and he starting to pack a punch.   He surprises me sometimes with how intense he is being.  He has learned a new trick.  In line with the rebel he seems to be, he is pushing on the boundaries.  Considering I am his boundaries, this feels very strange!  He woke me up the other night because he pushed himself against on the front of my belly.  It felt intense and weird and in my sleepy state, I just tapped him a few times and he shifted.  That was the first time.  Now, he is not only giving me little kicks, but he is pushing against his current home.  It feels totally different then the little jabs he usually delivers.

I love it.  I will probably not like it as much when he starts waking me up on a regular basis (like him, I like my sleep!) but it is so cool to feel him moving around.  He was being so crazy last night.  I was laying on my left side, the side he likes to hang out on, and he was going nuts, so I had Liz come and feel.  He was not only kicking hard, but he was pushing the limits of his house and then kicking hard.  It felt amazing and strange to not only Liz, but to me too!  She could clearly feel him continually while he shifted around.

It is strange to be in the middle of a conversation and he starts moving around.  I am excited for other people to be able to feel him.  Liz is going to be glued to my stomach:)  She is so excited to be able to feel our little boy!  Even people I work with really want to feel the baby.  Right now, he is mostly my little secret without anyone really being able to feel him but Liz at this point.

Liz loves me pregnant.  She loves him moving around, she loves my belly, and she is taking good care of me.  I was exhausted after a hectic day at work last night and she made a meal plan for the week and made a list and then took my list of stuff and went shopping for us so I could go to bed at 8:30pm last night.  So sweet!  This was after she took care of the trash (a chore I normally do) and worked all day and then came home and made a roast with mashed potatoes and carrots.  She has been a powerhouse!  Hopefully she will post pictures soon of her finished projects.  She finished the mobile and the painting for the nursery and they both look amazing!  I barely have the energy to go to work and come home, but she has been nesting and getting all kinds of stuff done!

On a negative note, I threw up last night.  I have not actually thrown up in a while, but I have not felt great for a few days now on the stomach front.  I still gag in the mornings, but for about 3 days now, I have felt nausea thru the day too.  Last night, I felt great when I ate dinner, but afterwards, went downhill fast and threw it all up.  Yuck!  I think that is part of the reason that Jude went crazy last night.  It must feel like and earthquake in there when I throw up!

All in all, I am at the point where I am really enjoying this.  There is nothing like feeling him moving around daily and feeling his new feats as he gets bigger and explores more.  I start my 3rd trimester in a few weeks, so I am sure I will feel him more and more!

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  1. this all sounds very strange to me, but i'm glad you are enjoying it! :) love you guys