Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ultrasound Egg Check

We went in this moring for a quick ultrasound to check S's progress with the drugs.  Everything appears right on track with one follicle measuring at 14, one at 12 and two around 10 (17 is considered mature).  Our nurse needs to consult with the doctor before calling us later today with the next steps but she guessed that he would have S take the Follistim shots for the next two days and then do another ultrasound on Friday.  If everything looks mature by Friday then possibly trigger and do IUIs Saturday/Sunday or Sunday/Monday.  Some pics of the growing follicles!
You can kind of see on these where the dark black spots are, those are the bigger follicles.
So now all they need to do is grow some more!

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  1. Those are some awesome looking follicles!!! Get ready for those eggies to pop!