Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 4 Femara plus Follistim Shot

As stated in the title, today is day 4 of S taking Femara and additionally she did her first Follistim shot.  She still hasn't really had any side effects from the Femara,  today she felt a little bit moody and  hormonal, which we call feeling like "Period Girl" around here, but that's been it.  So not too bad.  Oh and I think she was a tiny bit crampy too.  Tonight she did her 75 unit shot of Follistim and she does another tomorrow before we go in on Wednesday for the ultrasound. That shot is a bit crazy.  We watched a video on how to do it, the same one the doctors office had her watch.  The shot comes with this weird shot pen thing that you have to clean and load and do the injection a certain way.  Nothing hard but a bit of a process.  She gave herself the shot while I was giving Jude a bath.  I don't think I could have given it to myself, even with the tiny needle, but it's what she wanted to do.  She reported afterwards that where she did it is a little sore but otherwise it was no big deal.  

So we will see on Wednesday how everything is looking.  We are hoping she will have two or three nice foliciles ready to become baby number 2.  Fingers crossed!

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