Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's Get This Party Started

S started her cycle today which means we are on day 1 of trying to concieve!  This month has crawled by, waiting for things to get moving again.  We are still appealing the decision of our insurance to deny our already approved coverage, so no news on that front.  So we are going to pay whatever we owe the fertility clinic if they can ever figure out how much that should be and we are going to go ahead totally out of pocket at this point, which is fine.  So S goes in for a baseline ultrasound on Thursday which I will unfortunately have to miss due to having a CT scan that same morning (normal post Cancer monitoring CT scan so nothing new there).  When she goes in I'm guessing they will give her the Femara/Femara perscription along with whatever else she needs and instructions on exactly what we need to be doing drug wise.  I know it's not going to be fun for her to be taking all of this stuff but we are still excited to be doing this.  Excited that this might work and be the try that we get our BFP.  They say third try is the charm, right?  That's a thing.  So fingers crossed and all that jazz!

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  1. This all sounds very promising! Cheers to cycle day 1!!!