Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Plan

S went in this morning for her cycle day 3 ultrasound and to get the info/drugs for this months attempt.  I wasn't able to go this time, I had a CT scan scheduled for the exact same time that I had to go to.  It sounds like I missed a bunch of info!  But we have a plan and I'm excited.  Today during the ultrasound S's lining was on the thick side as she has had a light period, so they have her scheduled to come in tomorrow morning to check it again unless she has a heavy flow today.  Hopefully things will be all good and she can start taking the Femara tomorrow evening. They have her taking 5mg cycle days 4-8, so for five days with a 75 lu of Follistim injection on day 7 and 8.  Then she is supposed to have an ultrasound on the 29th, cycle day 9, to see how things have progressed.  Fingers crossed everything will be right on track and then we will get instructions on when to do the trigger shot and when to schedule the IUIs.  Crazy!

During the visit they showed her a video of how to do the injections, sounds sort of complicated.  After my hysterectomy S had to give me daily injections for like two weeks, I can't remember what it was for, and it wasn't too bad so we have some experience with it.  All the same I'm not looking forward to having to give her those shots.  

Anyone reading ever use Femara?  Any stories to share?

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