Monday, January 26, 2015

Convos with Jude

Jude cracks me up with the things he says so I've decided I really need to keep track of this cuteness, thus Convos with Jude!

At a fast food play area when two new kids walk up to play- "Are you good guys?" ( to which they relied yes they were good guys as if it was the most normal question to ask of a new friend).

When I told him this morning that he needed to put in his jacket before we left- "Mom you are making me crazy!" 

Convo this morning while he was on the potty- "Mom, where is my daddy?  What is he doing today?"

As I left for my book club yesterday- "Love you mom!  Have fun!"

When I told him we'd have to wait for other mom to get up because I didn't know where a particular toy was- "oh, maybe I go look for it? I'll just take a look around."

As we walk past the toy store- "Mom, I'll be right back, just one minute.  I just need to check something out in there."

After going to the bathroom with Grandpa- "Mom! Grandpa has a BIG peepee!!"

In the car after laughing about something random right after talking about one of his friends- "Mom, I'm mad at you!" "Why are you mad Jude?"  "I'm mad because you were being silly about my friend."

Oh that kid!

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  1. LOL!!! We have been told "You are making me crazy!!!" before. I wanted to respond, oh yea, well you have already made me crazy...I havent slept in 5 years!!!! Hahaha! Funny dude you have there.