Friday, January 9, 2015

TTC 2.0 is a Go!

Back in May S and I started talking about trying for baby number two and ultimately decided we weren't ready yet.  Then in November we decided that we were ready but we wanted to have x number of dollars in savings first.  And in December we had a very generous Christmas and we were able to meet our goal.  So, full steam ahead!

Yesterday was step one, meeting with the fertility doctor.  We are using the same doctor as we did with Jude and this time around everything seems so much simpler.  And as a nice suprise our insurance has $3,500 in fertility coverage without any hoops to jump through.  Last time we had 0 help from insurance.  First thing is S had to get some blood work done, check her thyroid (because of her thyroid disorder), check her CMV status, STD test and one other I can't remember.  She got all of it done yesterday other than the one I can't think of because it's new and the lab she went to (that the doctor recommended, annoying) didn't know what it was.  So she has to get that one done today.  

Next step is picking our sperm donor.  Unfortunately we arn't able to use the same donor as we had for Jude, they don't have any left.  We have it narrowed down to five guys right now.  Once we decide we will have it shipped to their office as our doctor will hold onto it for free.

Step three is waiting for cycle day 3 where they will do ultrasounds and tests to make sure everything looks good.  From their it is just a matter of waiting for S to ovulate.  She has a really regular cycle and has been tracking it and her ovulation for a few months now so it should be a piece of cake.  Then we will do two drug free IUI inseminations and hopefully be one hit wonders again!

Because of where S is in her cycle and just getting everything done, we are going to do our first insemination in Feburary!!!! I'm so excited.  One hit wonder! One hit wonder!

Oh and it goes without saying that if you know us in real life or on Facebook, kept it under wraps, k?


  1. Good luck! Nice to see you blogging again. :)

  2. What a perfect way to start out the new year!!!! Woo hoo, hold on tight!