Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tis the Season to be Busy

I just finished making my second batch of English Toffee (or at least my version of it) and the whole house smells like sugar and butter.  I have glitter on my shirt (which is my pj shirt because a shower hasn’t happened yet), and paint on my arm.  All of this adds up to me trying really hard to get everything done and not quite succeeding.  Busy is the word of the day.  Because of S’s new job and the gap in income I am crafting/baking/making all of our Christmas presents this year.  It helps that I am naturally a pretty crafty person, but it has been extra hard this year because of a certain baby and also because I am broken.

I don’t know that I have mentioned it before, but about six months ago I did something (not sure what, though I’m sure it involved picking up Jude) and ever since then I have had intense pain up and down the right side of my leg.  The pain is all day, pretty much everyday.  I’ve seen my general doctor, an acupuncturist, and now a chiropractor.  I got xrays done last week and was able to confirm that I have a bulged disk in my spine that is causing the pain.  So I am currently going to the chiropractor twice a week to get it all worked out.  Which is hard to arraign because of S’s schedule and the office hours for the chiropractor.  Luckily I have some of the greatest friends in the world and between my friends Brandon and Tara I have been able to leave Jude at home with one of them when I go to my appointment rather than try to manage him while I’m with the chiropractor.  But having all of these appointments got me thinking, what would I do if they couldn’t help?  Or if I was really sick?  I need to find some sort of drop in day care for Jude that I can use once and a while.  Hopefully next year I can set up some sort of “Mommy’s day out” care once a week just to get a break as well.  And it seems like there just ins’t much in the way of drop in day care in South Austin, which is the part of town we live in.  Either they are full and won’t do drop in, they are way up North, or he is too young.  Erg!  So I’ll keep looking.  It also seems like a lot of the Mommy's day out stuff is church based and I’m just not sure as a non-religious lesbian mom family how Jude would be treated/accepted in that sort of setting.

I’m also excited for the Blog Holiday Craft Exchange!  I finished my craft last night and I can’t wait to send it out.  And the deadline is motivating me to finish up all of my gifts that need to be mailed so that I can make just one trip to the post office.  I have an appointment tomorrow and thus a babysitter so I’m planning on getting everything finished up tonight to send out before the deadline, so I better go get crafty!

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  1. There is definitely something nice about a little time away! Even with daycare and family, I still worry that there might be a day something will come up and we will have to figure out some kind of creative solution. Which we will, and you will too!