Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 month skills

Jude is crazy cute right now.  He is picking up more and more not very useful but adorable skills all the time!  He before would: blow raspberries with his tongue, click his tongue, drum his lips like he is crazy, take an inhalation of breath when we do.
  This week he learned 3 new skills: 1. to clap- so dang cute.  He seems to do it to cheer mom up in the mornings when she is sleepy and just when he just feels like it. 2. He dances.  Now when he hears a beat (mom pounding out meat with a meat tenderizer) or a song he bops his head up and down and smiles.  He is REALLY into a Christmas card that he got.  He smiles and dances whenever we open it because it plays music 3. He waved a few times at Liz.
   He does other things that are newish skills.  The other day, I had him move a ball from bucket to bucket.  He loved doing that.  He also loves for me to let him hold one finger in each hand and let him walk around and kick a ball.  Sometimes he just sticks a foot out and hops on the other one until it gets close enough to kick a ball.  Thus I have taught him soccer and basketball:)
  My new job is going well and he seems to like me being home for dinner and to put him to bed each night.  He has been waking some during the night, but usually cries for a few and goes back to sleep.  At what age do they just go to bed and not cry themselves to sleep?  He still throws a fit for bedtime and cries in his crib for a few before falling to sleep.  I wish he would just lay his little head down and sleep.
  He also is saying more things that sound like words.  He says “at” for cat and “ow” for meow.  He has said “baba” for his bottle and “mama” more and more.  It is his own language that I am sure no one else would be able to decipher, but we know what he is saying.  His babbles sound very much like he is trying to say something too.
 Overall 10 months is soo cute and I cannot believe he will soon be 1 year old!

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  1. He's getting to be such a big boy. There are going to be so many fun developments over the next year (and more!).