Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Time is the Best Time

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year.  We were able to go to Dallas to see S’s brother and girlfriend and also my brother, sister in law, mom and youngest brother.  It was so nice to be with family for the holidays.  S’s new job rocks and they gave her off the whole week of Christmas and doesn’t have to go back till January 2nd.  So awesome.

While we were in Dallas we went to check out the Chihuly exhibit, which was amazing.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the exhibit.

His work is really beautiful and I highly recommend you check it out if he ever does anything near you.  

Jude of course got way too many toys and things for Christmas from all of our family and friends.  One of his favorite new toys is his cozy coupe, which he enjoys riding around in, but really loves pushing it himself all around our living room.  He even took our dog Pedro for a test drive in it the other day.
Pedro was less than thrilled

This is Jude opening his first Christmas present from my brother and sister in law, a tiny pair of baby sized Toms shoes.  So cute.

We ended up having a white Christmas in Dallas.  It started snowing right as we were leaving, which was pretty exciting as we don’t normally get snow in Central Texas.  

And a bit late, but here is Jude’s 47 week photo!

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  1. Yay for time off!!! That art exhibit is pretty amazing. So pretty. Jude is going to grow right out of the next couple of weeks pictures if he keeps it up, haha!