Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Terror of Santa

Over the weekend we took Jude for his first visit to meet Santa.  We went to a nearby mall, knowing that it was going to be a bit of a mad house.  But with S’s new schedule the weekend was the only time we could go.  So we got Jude all dressed up and away we went.  The line was SOOOO long! We stood in line for well over an hour, though I think that was in part because we got there while Santa was on a break.  Luckily they had a train for the kids to ride while they waited.  Jude of course was too small to get on the train, but he had a good time watching it go around and seeing all of the other kids.

He was in a great mood the whole time.  There was a Starbucks right next to the line so I grabbed us some drinks and scones, which made the wait for the mamas a bit nicer too (Jude did dig in on some blueberry scone though).  When we got up to Santa he was still just as happy as can be, smiling at the “elf” helping with the pictures.  And then, he got put on Santa's lap.  At first it seems like maybe he is ok with it, and then he of course had a melt down.

Personally, I like the last one the best where you can really see just how mad he is about this.  And isn’t that Santa just about the best Santa you have ever seen?  The beard and hair were totally real, which S verified when she reached over and grabbed it in an attempt to distract Jude (she felt really weird about doing that later, it cracked me up).  What is it about Santa that scares the crap out of little kids?  Jude certainly wasn’t the only kid to cry while we were there.

Later that day Jude was obsessed with playing with this funny pen and we kept joking that he was wanting to write a letter to Santa to apologise for his behavior.
PS- I was just looking at our blog stats and this week 7 people some how searched for "uncircumsized cheese” and ended up on our blog.  Really?


  1. I love the crying pics. They're classic.

    Well, I think it's more to do with us plopping them down on the lap of a stranger. Plus that stranger has a beard. I can't figure out why some little kids are NOT crying... :P

  2. The Bean didn't cry with Santa either last year or this year. In fact, both years, especially this year, the "Santa photo" hasn't seem to capture how friendly the exchange was.

  3. Stranger Anxiety. Most babies in santa pictures at the onset of that transition.

  4. Oh my, we totally had the same melt down picture when sitting on Santa's lap this year. I can't help but love the picture though! Its priceless and I think I love it better than I would have if Peyton had been smiling. LOL, the kids are getting so big and I absolutely enjoy watching Jude grow and change!

  5. Little Monster has been a fan of Santa since year one. But I think stranger anxiety is very common at that age. I actually think the first one where he is staring intently at the big guy is super cute!!!