Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today is the day

We check in at 5pm today to start inducing to hopefully get Jude here.  We are both excited and nervous.  I think that pregnancy makes you SO VERY ready to not be pregnant at the end that it is a little less scary to think that I am about to go into labor.   I am way over being pregnant.  I want our little award for all this, our baby boy in our arms.

Liz and I thought maybe we would not be able to sleep last night.  I did get up a few times because there was some bleeding, but overall, we slept like we usually do: like the dead.  I am hoping that the bleeding was the “bloody show” and that it means the cervix is open some.  Yesterday when I had an exam, he was still high and the cervix was still completely closed.  The Dr. informed us this might not work.  We were like, “exscuse me?!!?”  We have big plans of coming home with our little boy, but she explained that if all of this after 12 hrs does not open the cervix, there is not much they can do other than a C section, so they would just send us home and I would come back early next week.  Oh my gosh, if this does not work and I come home pregnant tomorrow, I am not going to be a happy lady!!!  Here is hoping it does.  It usually does, so it probably will.

My Dr, now that we are inducing, is talking about doing all the things I don’t want her to.  She said she will usually break the bag if it is not progressing fast enough and has a vacuum if he is not dropping properly. I was very unhappy to hear both those things, but Liz reassured me that  we can refuse anything she wants to do.  That made me feel a little better.  I am just hoping that these things don’t happen because they don’t need to because with a little coaxing, Jude and I can do it on our own.

I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, but maybe I will be at the last minute.  I am just so ready to have him and not be preggie, that I am pretty excited about that prospect of having him in the next few days.  I just hope I am strong enough to let him come naturally after being induced so that the painkillers don’t make it even slower than it probably will be.  Honestly, I just want him here and to be safe and sound, so we will see what the future holds.  Hopefully next time I write, there will be pictures of our beautiful squished face man:)


  1. Best of Care. Can't wait for the updates

  2. Good luck! Hope he comes with the induction!

    Pain killers (ie. epidural) don't necessarily slow things down. Sometimes they relax the body and help things along. Just saying. :) Do whatever you need to do and don't feel guilty. And stand firm with what you believe in. Good luck!

  3. My wife was induced and our son was still high up. She got an epidural so she could rest and let the contractions do the work. For several hours we just slept and by very early the next morning, he'd come down enough and she could start pushing. At that point the doctor still thought she'd need a C-section but he wanted to give her a chance. After about 50 minutes of pushing, our baby arrived. The doctor was surprised that she did it in that length of time.

    Good luck! Hope it works.

  4. I'm not much of a commenter,but I've been following your journey the entire time (and love that you were a one hit wonder) and I wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you two today.

  5. I get emotional every time I read your blogs lately. I just am so happy for you two. I cannot wait to meet Mr.Jude! Hope everything goes well today and tonight or tomorrow we are celebrating a new birthday in our lives. :) Take pictures of your final day of pregnancy! LOVE xoxo

  6. Good luck tonight! I can't wait to see the Jude pics in the morning (because hopefully there will be some by then!)

  7. sending peaceful, healthy birthing vibes your way!

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!!!



    ^^^This is how excited I am for you guys. Plus more.

    Here's wishing you a successful induction and a quick easy labor!!!!

    1. dammit. That's me. Wrong damn profile.

  9. I keep checking in to see if there's news... been thinking about you guys all day!

    Hoping no news is good news and sending positive energy your way!

  10. Keep checking on here to see how everyone is doing. Hope all is well ;)