Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living the Sweet Life

Life with Jude is sweet.  Hard sometimes, but so very sweet.  Our little man loves nothing more than to be cuddled up on your chest.  He loves to lay belly to belly with you and rest his sweet little face on your chest.  It actually irritates him a little if S or I aren’t wearing a low enough cut shirt because he likes to have his face touching your skin.  He loves to make little happy baby noises when he eats and talks to us all of the time, it is so cute.  He has started taking a more active interest in the world around him and I love seeing how his eyes light up when I get home from work and he sees me.  I can’t believe that he is already going to be 3 weeks old tomorrow.  Time has gone by so so fast.  I’m afraid if I blink that he will be a 2nd grader before I even know it.

I have to say, one of the things that makes life as a new parent easier is having such great friends.  It has been so nice, several people over the last few weeks have brought us dinner.  For some reason it seems like people are mostly bringing us lasagna, but lasagna is good, so we’ll take it!  It’s been great to not have to worry about cooking much these last few weeks.  And then Jude’s Aunt Lulu and Uncle Duck have made it possible for S and I to be actual functioning people.  This last weekend they came over for about two hours and watched the little man while his mamas took a much needed nap and then again last night they watched him while we went out to dinner.  And we had a real conversation and both ate at the same time while our food was hot!  It was awesome!  Our friends are so sweet to take such good care of us and I can’t wait for the opportunity to be able to repay some of their kindness.

In other news, I put in my notice to quit at my job on Monday.  Our work schedule is very heavy over the next three months so I wanted to give as much notice as possible to make things easier for everyone.  So my last official day will be April 6th.  So I still have 32 days of working left (not that I’m counting or anything J), so even though it sounds far away it is really just around the corner.  I’m so excited for the opportunity to stay home with little man, but I’m also nervous about it.  I’ve been working since I was 14, so I’m not sure what this new life will look like.  My boss was very sweet about the whole thing, which made it easier.  He said that of course he will miss me and is sad to lose me but that he fully supports what I’m doing and thinks it is commendable.  So that helps.

And I know I’m almost a whole week late posting it, but here is Jude’s two week picture.  Hopefully I won’t procrastinate so much with posting his three week picture.
 Jude 2 weeks
Jude 2 weeks
Taking a bath!
(BTW, his stump totally had fallen off before this bath, it just looks weird in the picture)
Close up bath time.  He isn’t sure what to think about all of this yet.


  1. he's so cute! And how exciting about giving your notice--I'd be terrified and thrilled all at once! I'm really looking forward to hearing about how your transition to SAHMomness goes and how you feel about the change.

  2. So glad to hear that things are going well. I wonder what colour those blue/grey eyes will end up being...

  3. He looks so calm in those bath pics...his eyes just glow so cute. Enjoy...Kendall is 8weeks old and it does just fly by.

  4. Oh my heck he is adorable! What a beautiful little man!