Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birth Story Conclusion

When we last updated it was about 4:00 pm and S was dilated to a 7.  Her contractions were all over the place no matter how much Pitocin they gave her.  They came and checked around 5:30 and she was still at a 7.  More contractions, more Pitocin, checked again at 7:00, still at a 7.  At that point our doctor discussed doing the C section due to the lack of progress.  At this point, despite the epidural, S was exhausted, it had been over 24 hours at that point.  She had only slept maybe an hour that night and took an hour and a half nap and hadn’t eaten anything in ages, nor would they let her.  Our doctor explained that if we didn’t do the C section soon then she was afraid it would turn into an emergency C section.  S was done with labor, done with trying and was glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We agreed to go forward with the C section.

Of course, I was somehow able to stay strong and sure in front of S, but in reality I was out of my mind with worry.  I went to the lobby and called S’s mom to let her know what was going on and then I called my mom and just broke down.  I was so scared that both of my babies wouldn’t make it through this.  Rationally I knew that they would be fine and no one was in distress, but in my heart, I was so afraid.  It makes me feel teary right now just thinking of those moments.  Luckily my mom knows me so well and calmed me down in a matter of minutes so I could go back to the room and be strong for S.

The C section itself was the most intense thing I’ve ever been a part of.  They had S pretty drugged up but she wouldn’t let them give her everything that they wanted to because she didn’t want to be dopey or too out of it to be aware.  So she did feel quite a bit of what they were doing.  I held her hand and tried to distract her.  I’ll leave the details of it to her to share (not sure if she will want to or not, but just in case).  The doctors had a CD playing and it was really cool because Jude was born during one of our favorite songs, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida.

Everything since then has been great.  I couldn’t love him more, and he is so strong and healthy.  We are actually about to go home, they are letting us check out early because both S and Jude are doing so great.  So we are packing up and this family is going home.

And of course, more baby photos!
Jude and his Uncle Brandon
Jude and Aunt Sandy
Jude and Uncle Duck
Jude and Aunt Lulu
Love, Liz


  1. Congrats! He is perfect <3 So glad everyone is doing well.

  2. Wow. That does sound scary but I think you both did an amazing job being strong and supportive for that baby to come into this world. Jude is lucky to have such awesome mothers. Congrats again!

    PS- he is so cute I just want to pinch his adorable little baby cheeks!

  3. Congratulations--he is so precious!!! I'm glad it all went well, even with the scary c-section. I think it's funny they wouldn't let her eat. I ate during my induction. I know they might not want you to if you're close to surgery time...or something. I never figured that one out.

  4. So glad to hear you're all doing well. Hope you're settling in at home. Looking forward to more updates on your new little guy! :)

  5. I love all the beaming family photos! And c-section where you felt things sounds terrifying--I'm glad you didn't know beforehand that she would be aware of so much. But glad that everything has turned out for the best and that you finally get to hold little Jude!

  6. Congratulations! So excited to know that all is doing well. Stressful but healthy. Congrats to the new little family of 3! Best of Care.

  7. Congratulations! So happy that your wait is over and that all is going well :)