Sunday, March 6, 2016

Seven Weeks!

S is actually almost 8 weeks now, but I never got around to posting the picture.
She hasn't been feeling great, "shitty, a sick emotional mess made worse by trying to hid it," were her exact words on the subject.  She has been throwing up a lot, like we went from 5 times to something like 15 times, 3 times in one day even.  There have been cravings, Cheetos, chopped BBQ beef, custard with Carmel, but it all changes a lot because of the sickness.  I hope she starts feeling better soon but at least she says she isn't feeling as bad as she did with Jude.

Next Tuesday we have our first appointment with the OB!  I'm so excited to finally get to see this baby and hear the heart beat, all that stuff.  Can't. Wait.  

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