Friday, March 11, 2016

8 Weeks!

S is 8 weeks and starting to look, at least to me, a tiny bit pregnant.
Not to anyone else yet but our baby is growing!  She is still pretty sick and I think has decided to skip the meds they gave her.  They for sure helped with the sickness but the next day she felt dizzy and shakey and not good. A coworker who is about five weeks ahead of her said it made her feel the same way.  So she ordered a bunch of ginger chews and things like that and hopefully it helps.  She also has been have two or three crackers about fifteen minutes after taking her thyroid meds and that is helping too.  She is supposed to wait thirty minutes to eat though so next week when she has an appointment with the endocrinologist hopefully they will say it's ok and her levels will still be fine.  

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  1. I totally see a baby pooch!!!!! Zofran was the ONLY thing that helped Kris with nausea in the early months. I feel for S, and you. It is no fun for anyone. Here is to a 2nd trimester sick free!