Wednesday, March 23, 2016

10 Weeks!

Wow, we are in double digit weeks and getting close to the second trimester! This is crazy!  Yesterday S got her blood draw for the genetic testing done, she should get the results back in about two weeks, so we will know if everything is ok with the baby and we will find out the sex.  I'm so excited to find out I can hardly stand it!  We also found out this week that another lesbian couple that we are friend with in town are pregnant with their second baby and will be due two days before S!  So we will have some baby friends, exciting!  S has started taking the nightly nausea medicine I previously posted about and it seems to be helping.  She isn't 100% but seems to be doing much better, thank goodness.  She also seems to have a little bit of energy back, or at least she has been able to stay up to our normal times most nights.  She also is starting to get uncomfortable in her regular clothes and has been busting out her maternity close on the weekend a bit.  I'm guessing that in the next month she will need to be in them full time.  Here is her weekly picture along with some Jude in the bluebonnet a pictures that are a Texas tradition around here to take.  Aren't they cute?

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