Sunday, February 14, 2016

Still Pregnant!

Tomorrow S will be 5 full weeks and starting her sixth week.  So exciting!  We have two friends who are both pregnant right now,mine is due at the end of next month and one is only a month further along than S.  They both love their OBs so we made appointments are each to check them out.  I can't wait, I need more medical proof of this amazing thing!  The first one is on the 22nd and is just a "meet and greet" and the appointment with the other doctor is on March 7th and that one is supposed to be the whole blood testing, ultrasound, and other stuff type appointment, not just a chance to meet.  And even though she doesn't look any different yet, here is a cutie pie picture of S at 4 weeks!
I can't wait for her to have a big baby bump again!  She really is the cutest pregnant lady ever! 

She keeps going back and forth between feeling normal back to feeling pukey and has thrown up 2 times now.  She has discovered that Topo Chico, a sparkling Mexican mineral water, helps out a ton.  I also made her like 20 breakfast tacos to have in the fridge and freezer to help her have a small meal on hand at all times.  She says her uterus also feels like it's stretching from time to time like a balloon is in it and just in general has been cramping.  She is a bit dingy, super tired, and hungry all the time.  So she is full on pregnant lady!

We told Jude right away as he has been pretty aware of the process this whole time and it helps him understand why S won't wrestle around with him.  He seems happy about it and happy to be a big brother.  Though he has thrown two or three fits now about wanting a baby sister named Rosie, like on Caillou.  Hilarious.  I think he is going to be a great big brother.


  1. Congratulations. Our baby is the size of a matchbox car!

  2. So glad to see you chronicaling this journey! Good luck with deciding on a doctor and hope the queasy lets up on S!