Thursday, February 18, 2016

Night Time Potty Training and 5 Weeks Pregnant!

So a little less than two weeks ago we started night time potty training Jude.  It's something we have been thinking about doing for a long time but kept putting it off.  One of the big reasons that we were putting it off is that he never woke up dry and that's supposed to be one of the big signs they are ready.  But he's 4 now and for a while has been requesting to wear underware to bed so we decided to try.  First off we triple layered his bed with a water proof mattress protector and then layers of puppy pee pads and sheets so that hopefully if there were any accidents we could just peel off a layer instead of changing the whole thing in the middle of the night.  For the first three nights we switched him from diapers to pull ups with the explaination that he couldn't pee in them at all.  The first few nights we woke him up to go potty before we went to bed and then again around 1 or 2 am.  And he did great!  He still really wanted to wear undies and not the pull ups so we switched to undies and did the same thing for two nights.  Then we went to just waking him up once and kept moving that time later and later.  Now for the last three nights we haven't been waking him up at all.  And in all of this he has only had one small accident on the second night of not being woken up.  So great!!  We've been really proud of him but haven't been making too big of a deal about him doing it as we knew getting started that it was something his body was either capable of or not, unlike daytime when there is a bit of will involved.  So now I'm thinking that maybe he has been ready to do this for a while but we didn't realize because he was waking up and peeing in his diaper on purpose because he knew he could.  Either way I'm glad we didn't rush it and I'm so glad it's going so much better than I had hoped it would!

On the pregnancy stuff, S is now a full 5 weeks and into her 6th week!  She is still feeling about the same and is most noticeably very tired.  Last night she was falling asleep watching tv and finally got up and went to bed a little before 8:30.  And I think she wouldn't have any problems if she went to bed when Jude did at 7pm but she holds herself back to get some kid free time.  She does have more energy in the mornings though.  She is still feeling a lot of nausea and has thrown up 4 times now.  It does seem to be better than with Jude at this point but it's still there for sure!  Oh and she is burping like crazy!  But she is drinking tons of sparkling water and ginger ale and all of the burping seems to make her feel better.  Last night eating dinner all at once she was burping and Jude farted and I was like oh Jesus, please let this next kid be less gassy than these two!  Haha.  And even though she still looks the same, here is her five weeks picture!

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