Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Jude!!

Our little man turned 4 on Tuesday. We re-did his room as superheroes for his gift from us. On his birthday he got balloons, a few small gifts, and Liz made cupcakes for his school for Wednesday morning too. He asked to go to Chipotle for his birthday, so we grabbed grandma and went. Liz took him to the zoo and then a friend of ours who is a firefighter took Jude to the firestation, which made this the best birthday ever! Fun pics of his room, some gifts, and some birthday fun!


  1. He looks so tall here! That room looks great, well done! Happy Birthday, Jude and mommies!

  2. How is he possibly FOUR years old?! Happy Birthday Jude and mommies. His room looks awesome. :)

  3. Happy birthday Jude! Looks like an excellent day and the room looms great. I love the big Darth Vader! (My son has a Power Ranger like that.) :)