Sunday, November 29, 2015

Try #5 IUI

Hi guys, it's been a while.  Mexico was great, we had a ton of fun.  Thanksgiving was good.  There, you are all caught up, haha.  No really it seems like not much has been going on.  Today we did our first of two IUIs for this cycle, which is try #5 for us.  We have a new donor and we got to have the nurse we like do the insem.  So no full bladder requirements, no stress as its Sunday, all smooth sailing.  Though we did have to take Jude with us.  He was good though and watched videos on our tablet during the whole thing.  At one point though he asked what the nurse was doing to moms butt (only he says it like bwutt). That was funny.  Also during the insem he was watching something with lots of truck noises and the nurse remarked how it sounded like the sperm were driving tiny trucks up to meet the egg.  And Jude told us no, it wasn't trucks but paw patrol vehicles.  So paw patrol to the rescue??  Tomorrow morning she will have IUI #2 before work.  I won't be able to go to that one and it will be with the Doctor instead of the nurse.  When we got pregnant with Jude I was only able to go to one of the two inseminations, so maybe...

I'm crossing my fingers that this is the one, but if it isn't we are still going to keep trying.  Next month we are going to my moms for Christmas and while we are there S will ovulate.  So we are thinking about doing an ICI.  One of my brothers volunteered to be our donor, which I think is really cool, and we didn't think we'd take him up on it but the timing will be right, so I don't see why not.  After that I think that S's mom is wanting to help us out finically as far as continuing to try.  Which I'm excited about.  How was everyone else's holiday, or at least those of you in the states?


  1. I hope #5 is lucky for you two! Man, Jude sounds like such a little cutie pie. Sending good vibes!

  2. Best wishes! Hopefully this was the one!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you

  4. Any news?! Patiently waiting!