Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mama is Tired

We had one of those nights last night.  You know the sort, little dude woke up at 4am for no apparent reason.  Gave him food, cough medicine (he had been coughing all night on and off), cuddled, watched cartoons and yet, no sleep.  Finally at almost 6am I managed to get him back into his crib and off to sleep.  Thank goodness, because at that point I think it goes without saying, Mama was TIRED.  But then he was happy and awake again at 8:30 (I could have slept another 4 hours or so, but he didn’t ask me).  So now our schedule for the day is super off.  Jude is just now going down for a nap and because of the giant cup of coffee I drank to keep myself from falling asleep on the couch I am wide awake.


  1. Those are the worst nights! Uggghhh! My wife said just this morning that she thinks she needs a coffee IV drop....I am not a coffee drinker, but I get the TIRED things completely! Here is wishing for a better night tonight!

  2. Ugh! Hope tonight goes better!!

  3. Let's blame it on the super moon because my son did the exact same thing the other night and we were some worn out mamas! I feel for ya, I really do.

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