Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It’s Getting HOT In Here!

So take off all your clothes, I am getting so HOT….Yeah it’s only June 11th and Austin already feels like a Nelly song.  The temperature has been in the upper 90’s and it will probably hit 100 soon.  That’s the thing that sucks about living here, the heat is unbearable and it feels like it goes on forever, which I guess it does because it won’t really cool down here until September/October.  So, the question is, what do you SAHM do all summer long with a very active toddler who pretty much only wants to be outside?

So far we have been spending early mornings at the park when it isn’t too hot.  We have also hit up a few local pools but Jude doesn’t seem to like being in the water much, but I’m really hopping he changes his mind on that one.  We also discovered an inflatable play place that has a toddler section that is free till 2 (well it is supposed to be just free till 1 but they don’t actually charge until 2 years old, which is good because we don’t have extra money to blow on something like that).  What else is everyone doing?  When his Grandma was in town last weekend she bought him this awesome slide thing and having that to crawl around/climb on has helped.  I know it is supposed to be a backyard toy but like I said, it’s HOT, so it is staying in the living room for the time being.

 The slide
At the park

He does enjoy his water table thing

And the baby pool


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  1. Our 18 month old loves spending time at splash pads and the children's museum.