Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Sweetest Kisses

Every night we have the same bedtime routine with Jude, at 8:00 we settle into our bed with a bottle (which we are going to try to wean off of this weekend, ugh) and a big pile of books.  And we read and read until Jude is either no longer interested or we run out of books.  Then he plays crazy bounce on the bed time with S while I cheer and tickle him at opportune moments.  After we get all of the sillies out he brushes his teeth, gives me a kiss and then S takes him into his room that is all ready for bed, sings him three songs and off he goes.

Last night we did our normal routine and then while S was singing him songs he kept blowing kisses and pointing at the door.  She put him down to see what he wanted and he ran right into our room, got hoisted onto the bed where I was laying and got himself snuggled into my arms wanting more kisses.  It was the sweetest thing he has ever done.  I must have kissed his little face ten thousand times right then and he giggled and smiled through it all, then went off happily to bed.  I went to bed with such a happy, full heart.  This is the magic of parenting that makes everything so worth it.  


  1. How wonderful. It gives me hope that my kids will soon be able to tell us what they want before bed instead of fighting me for 45 minutes every night! Also, if you get him off the bottle let me know how. We've been struggling with that too. Good luck.

  2. So sweet! Those are the best kisses :)

  3. How lovely. He can be such a sweet, sweet boy!

  4. Baby kisses are the bestest!