Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Being 31 Is Lovely

I am a bad blogger these days.  I have so much time on my hands right now to blog and at the same time nothing to say.  There just isn’t much going on of interest without my little Jude here.  But this last weekend was a great one.  My birthday fell on Mother’s day this year which won’t happen again until 2019.  And so we celebrated all weekend long.  On Saturday we got up and went to the downtown mecca Whole Foods for breakfast tacos and to pick out a birthday cake for me.  I love wandering around Whole Foods, which started in Austin, so the downtown store is pretty amazing.  Of course we went for just breakfast and cake but ended up spending too much money, grabbing fancy chocolate bars, the best organic strawberries I have ever had in my life, fresh raspberries which Jude loves putting on the tips of his fingers before eating them, fresh cherries and a few other goodies.  Then that night one of my best friends Lauren threw me a garden birthday party.  It was so much fun, hanging in the backyard, playing games, eating yummy food, a fire when it got dark and of course lovely drinks.  And a friend I hadn’t seen since high school was randomly in town and came over along with her darling little boy who is 4 and had a blast playing with Jude.
The lovely Lauren and I 

Jude being a little explorer

On Sunday S got up and made us breakfast, scrambled eggs, croissants, brown sugar bacon and mimosas.  And when Jude went down for a nap a friend came over and babysat while we went to the movies.  We went and saw The Great and Powerful Oz, which I really enjoyed but S did not.  But it was so nice to go do something just the two of us, between a lack of babysitters and my general inability to go do things when the pain was bad, we hadn’t been out together since Christmas.  

Last year for my birthday I posted 30 Things I didn’t Know When I was 20.  And that was fun but I don’t think that being 31 has lead to many new insights.  It feels the same as 30.  But it is super lovely.  So instead, 31 things that I love:
1. My new Micheal Kors purse
2. Fresh cherries
3. When I manage to look nice in a picture
4. Wearing a size smaller clothing than I did last year
5. Having a toddler who (mostly) sleeps through the night
6.  Having a wonderful wife
7.  Being such good friend with my mom
8. Our Roku 
9. Steak
10. Swimming
11. Dark chocolate with sea salt
12. Pandora , specifically my Madonna station
13. Pedicures
14. Fresh herbs- basil and cilantro are my favorites these days
15. All of my wonderful best friends.  Not many people have as many best friends as I do.  So lucky.
16. My kindle , especially now that I have it set up to get free ebooks from the library.  Genius.
17. Just Jude in general
22. Going to the movies
23. Buffalo Wings
24. Being able to take a shower again
25. Life after surgery
26. My Keurig
27. Barton Springs Pool
28. Jude saying Mama
29. Bacon
30. Being a SAHM and getting my Jude back soon!
31. Shopping at Target

A random list, but still fun.


  1. fantastic list. happy birthday :)

  2. Earth is a better place because you're on it. Love you!!