Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ear Infections for Everyone!

Jude and S both have slight ear infections right now.  Poor things.  S woke up this morning super dizzy to the point of throwing up and Jude has been a snotty, congested, coughing mess for the last two days. I think he has a cold/allergies (S and I are both going crazy right now with allergies) and he keeps messing with his ear so they both went to the doctor today.  S for sure has an ear infection and got some meds and Jude is possibly getting one, so we are going to just keep an eye on it and see which way it goes.  I hope he doesn’t end up getting one, he already feels bad enough as it is.  This will be his 3rd sickness in 4 weeks.  I hate it when my babies arn’t feeling good!

Surprisingly enough though Jude has been in such a good mood.  This last week or so has felt like having my boy back.  He seems so much happier and has started wanting to sit on my lap and hug me and be with me, where before he was really only interested in and clung to S.  So me being more and more involved has been good for all of us.  Yesterday and most of today he was home with me (I had help, still can’t pick him up for another two weeks) and though it was tiring even with help, it was so nice to have him here.  I miss him and I can’t wait to take him back.  I was looking at a calendar this week and because his nanny has an appointment for her son out of town on the 21st, that will be the first full day I will have him back all by myself  but he will be back at the nanny’s for the rest of the week.  Then the following week I will take him back full time with the exception of the 2-3 times a week I do physical therapy, but that will only put him back at her house for about two hours each time.  I can’t wait.  Though after almost two days in a row with him and him being sick so he was a bit of extra work, I am looking forward to spending tomorrow relaxing!


  1. Hope you all get feeling better soon! It's difficult to care for a sick baby, but even worse when you're not feeling great yourself.