Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not So Giant After All

Today we had Jude’s 6 month check up (even though he is actually 7 months already, erg, stupid Dr.’s office is impossible to schedule with).  The little dude clocked in at 18.6lbs, 27 1/2 inches long, and still has a tiny head!  We seriously were worried that the doctor was going to be like what the crap are you guys feeding this kid, he is huge!  But it turns out Jude is small/average for his age.  He was in the 25-50% for height and weight, and in the 10-25% for head size.  The doctor was also shocked by his mouth full of teeth.  Everything looks good and he took his vaccinations like a champ!  Then he came home and took a nice long nap, which makes mommies happy.

On another note, I just wanted to say thank you to all of our readers.  I love the comments and emails that we get because of the blog, it always makes my day.  I know I don’t often reply to comments, but I ALWAYS read them and share them with S.  You all are the best.  Also, to our fellow bloggers, thank you for being such a great community.  We love being a part of this whole gay family/TTC blog circle. We heart you!

Ok, and of course, today is Jude’s 31 weeks picture!  Such a cutie!

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