Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life at 7 Months

Little boy-
     I can’t BELIEVE you are seven months old today.  These have been the fastest seven months of my life.  I have now been a stay at home mom for five months and we have had such a good time.  Everyday you do something new, something different makes you laugh, you find a new obsession.  Today, in a effort to drink more water, I grabbed a few bottles of water to drink and you are obsessed with them.  You want drink out of them with me, which I have helped you to do several times now despite the mess it makes, you also want to play with the bottles, shake them, chew on them, you just can’t get enough.

    You have also in the last few days figured out how to stick out your tongue, which you do with such joy that it never fails to make me smile.  You have learned how to make several pleasant sounds that involve sticking out your tongue as well.  I’m not sure if this new sticking out the tongue thing started because of how fun it is or if it just feels good on your mouth full of teeth.  And I do mean a mouth full!  You now have 6 awesome teeth, while most of your baby friends only have 1 or 2 if any.  We also have to be really careful of those little chompers because you will bite and it hurts.  You also like having your teeth brushed, which is cute.

    Speaking of grooming, you need a hair cut right now.  You are looking a bit shaggy my son, but I think we will put it off just a little while longer.  Your hair grows so fast, just like your mommas.  You are so much like her, you both make the same expressions and you are both a bit moody.  But I do LOVE how often we get comments on how you look like me.  You are so cute that it is a huge compliment, also I love having things in common with you, like our dirty blond hair and our bright blue eyes.  It is pretty awesome that when people see you they see the best of both your mother and me all rolled up into one perfect little package.

    One last thing, please stop growing up so fast.  The time is flying by and you are getting so big, so able to do things, so close to crawling, and I want to you stay just the way you are, at least for a little while longer.

   I love you so much that it won’t be long before my crazy love will embarrass you,
   Mom (aka Liz)

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  1. Wow! Six teeth! Our little guy got teeth early/fast, but not that fast!

    7 months is a super-fun age. Glad you're enjoying it!