Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday My Love!

Today is S’s 31st birthday.  She had yesterday off and has today off, so we are celebrating her birthday “weekend”.  Yesterday we went to the Austin Children’s Museum with Jude and one of his baby friends.  It was so much fun.  On Mondays from 9-12 they have the museum set up for just 3 and under.  It was really cool.  They played with blocks and toys and there was a sing-a-long and all sorts of neat stuff to look at.  Jude had so much fun that he played right though his nap time without getting cranky.  Some cute photos of our day:

Today is going to be super fun as well.  We are getting ready right now to go to the Alamo Draft House, which is this awesome chain of movie theaters here in Austin where you can sit and watch a movie while you order drinks and food and the waitresses bring it out for you.  And they serve beer and mixed drinks and really yummy food.  And as if that wasn’t good enough, to accommodate us new parents on Tuesdays before 2pm any movie is a “Baby Day” movie which means they turn the lights up a bit and turn the sound down on the movie and allow you to bring in your (hopefully not crying, though you won’t get kicked out for that) baby.  So we are going to go see Brave.  So excited.  This will be Jude’s first trip to the movies, so cross your fingers for us that he just sleeps on us or is entertained by the movie.
Off to celebrate!


  1. Happy Birthday S!!! And, Jude is SO CUTE! Love those varying facial expressions!

  2. I'm going to move to Austin since I miss movies and love that "baby day" idea. So jealous. And happy birthday, S!

  3. Both events sound like so much fun! Happy birthday S!

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like a great time.