Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Broke Down House

Things around here keep breaking.  It’s making me crazy.  On Monday we spent almost 2K getting the hot water heater replaced.  It was all sorts of not up to code and they had to do a lot of work.  Ugh, that hurt.  Then yesterday I decided to start on our mountain of laundry only to find that the washing machine is broken also.  It won’t drain and none of the buttons will make it do anything.  So I’m waiting right now for the repair man to show up as we MUST GET LAUNDRY DONE.

Other than that, S and I have Oklahoma on the brain.  We have lots of friends and family there and I loved growing up there.  It has been our long term plan for many years now to move back and be close to family so that Jude can grow up having a close relationship with them.  But now we want that move to happen sooner than later.  So S is applying for jobs up there and we are just sitting back and waiting to see if anything comes of it.  And maybe nothing will come of it, it’s a hard to time to get a job, but it is worth a shot.  Another appealing thing about moving is the cost of living there is so much cheaper, not to mention that right now S commutes 2 hours everyday for work right now, which is so much time away from us and more than $400 a month in gas.

Some pictures from our vacation.
We didn’t mean to all wear green that day, it just happened.

Jude loved listening to his Uncle play music.

Happy at Grandmas!

We managed to get a few pictures of us all together.

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