Friday, June 8, 2012

First haircut and some teeth

Jude had his first professional haircut today.  He was starting to look a little shaggy.  I think maybe his hair won’t be so crazy now, but only the morning will tell if that is true.  Here is a before pic of his hair.

He was the youngest haircut the lady had ever done.  Not most 4.5 month olds need a haircut.  Here are some pics of him getting his haircut.  They even put him in a little smock.  It was really cute even though he mostly ate it:)

He was so good and just sat on my lap while he got his hair cut.  Here is the after pic.  

So handsome, right??

I also got a shot of his teeth recently.  I am not afraid to stick my fingers in his mouth and check them out.  It was really funny the other day when one of our play date moms said she doesn’t do that to her kid.  I have always been checking out those teeth!
Crazy little teeth!

My dad came for a visit with his girlfriend, her kids and my brother.  It was a good visit.  My mom is coming into town on Sunday.  I am hoping that will be a good visit considering that our relationship is not always great.  The for sure great part about her coming is that Liz and I will stay in a hotel one night while she stays with Jude.  We are going to get SO MUCH SLEEP that night! So excited!  It is a little get away for us to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary that was on Thurs.  We had a sitter come and watch him and had a lunch together before I went to work, but a night in a hotel without a baby is going to be a blast!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I love the haircut! He looks super-cute.
    And wow! With the teeth. I can't remember how old our guy was when he got his first tooth (though I could look it up) but at a year he had a pretty good mouthful and now at 17 months I think all he still needs to get are the back molars. (Not looking forward to that!)

  2. Oh my god he's getting so big!

  3. Love the haircut! Our little guy needs one too but I can't bear to do it yet. He looks so handsome though and I love his little teethies.