Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diary of a Stay At Home Mom

Today was a glorious day because Jude is on the nap wagon.  He took an amazing almost 3 hour nap this morning and is back down again right now after very minimal fussing.  The nap this morning was such a blessing because I was so VERY tired and so mommy napped too.  I think that naps are the measure of a stay at home mom’s day and how good it is because they are truly the only “break” time that you get.   So naps are important.  So very important.

I love my little Jujubee and staying home with him just feels so right even though it can be very very hard.  I have the most amazing wife and I just don’t know how anyone does this without a partner like her.  Everyday she comes home from work and immediately scoops him up in her arms and doesn’t focus on anything but him until he goes to bed.  On days when she works in the evenings (not getting home till 11pm) she still almost always gets up with him at 7am (or earlier if he is being an early bird) and plays with him and lets me sleep in.  And don’t even get me started on the amazing mom that she is on her days off!  No child was ever so loved and well taken care of, especially by S.  Anyone would be lucky to have her as a mom or wife.  She really is the best.  And, she got a cute cute cute hair cut yesterday!  Check it out!
Today is a good day but I am still in my pjs and it is almost 3pm.  I still haven’t had a shower, a regular meal or a glass of water.  I haven’t brushed my hair, I haven’t been outside, and I haven’t gotten anything “acomplished” as far as house work or anything other than baby care is concerned.  Most of this is my own fault for napping when Jude napped instead of getting things done.  And of course he is napping right now and here I am blogging instead of doing the above things that I need to get done.  

Here is a time line of our normal day:
7am- change Jude out of pjs and feed a bottle
7:30am- Jude plays in his crib under his mobile while I slowly wake up
8am- We hang out in the kitchen while I have some sort of caffeine and he plays at his highchair
8:30am- We play in his room with various toys, read books, play under his activity mat
9am- Change to the living room to play or the front porch
9:30am- Hopefully nap time.  As soon as he is down I race for the shower, eat something, and spend any extra time on the computer or picking up the house
11am- Bottle time
11:30am- Playing in various locations in the house or running errands around town
1:30pm- Hopefully nap time.  As soon as he is down I try to eat again and make bottles for the evening
3pm- Bottle time
3:30pm- Playing and trying to kill time till S comes home at 5:30ish, normally counting down the time at this point
5:30pm- S comes home and takes over.  Now a days when she gets home they play a bit and then it’s solid food time. This week is bananas and next week will be sweet potato
6pm- Tiny bit of play time with S
6:30pm- Bath time
6:45pm- Last bottle of the day and bedtime

Time to get snappy before he wakes up, momma NEEDS a shower!


  1. You're post here got me thinking. I don't have a baby (yet), we have a 3 1/2 year old that we adopted at 16 months, but we're in our tww right now. Anyways, I got on pinterest to see if I could find anything to help you and I came across this... if your interested? Do you have a pinterest? It is seriously addicting and filled with useful stuff. I just typed into the search bar "baby schedule" to see what it came up with.

    1. Thanks for the link, it is a really similar schedule to what we do. And I LOVE pinterest, so much fun to kill time with though I don’t get on it quite as much now as I used to when I was working. Fingers crossed for your TWW!