Monday, June 13, 2016

Cannes, France!

Our week in Cannes, France was amazing!  S won the trip through work so it was all paid for by them, which to me makes it even more fun!  We stayed right on the beach in a beautiful hotel.
It was a perfect 70-75 degrees the whole time we were there.  S handled all of the traveling pretty well with her compression socks, lots of snacks, and a small travel fan.  Strangely enough non of the French people we met at all of the events and restaurants could understand why being pregnant would mean she wouldn't want to drink.  Especially at the fancy free dinners where the drinks were limitless.  They really wanted her to at least have some white wine!  So funny.
I had to do the drinking for the both of us.
It was lovely wandering the streets of Cannes and seeing the open market where we got the best raspberries I've ever eaten, stopping at little cafes for lunch and just people watching in general.
Of course my favorite part was all of the pastry shops and desserts.  This place was pure heaven.
The caramel ones were to die for.
One of the last nights we were there we had dinner in a castle that S's company had rented out for the night!  It was so pretty and when we arrived they had the red carpet rolled out and waiters standing with trays of champagne!  I've never felt more glamorous.
Our last day we decided to just relax and enjoy the beach.  The water was cold but the sun was warm so we napped and read and lazed about.  We had a very fancy lunch out on the beach was well.  It was a pretty perfect way to end the trip.
We sure missed Jude, who was back home with my mom for a few days and then S's mom for a few days.  He had a great time with his grandmas though and boy did we come home to find a spoiled little dude!  It was a great trip and the perfect baby moon for sure!

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  1. Awwww, I love the coast of france! This post makes me want to go back. What a lovely trip for you both to enjoy...FREE!!!! Now, where is the 20 week pregnancy update?!?!?!