Wednesday, June 22, 2016

22 Weeks and Baby Drama

Earlier I posted that we had some drama with our 20 week anatomy ultrasound.  We had it done the day before we left for France and my mom and Jude came with us to see the baby. During the ultrasound everything looked and seemed fine and we didn't have any concerns beyond any travel tips from the doctor.  After the ultrasound we had a quick appointment with one of the midwives who informed us that they had found a white spot on Noah's chest wall that shouldn't be there.  They said they weren't sure what it was, that it seemed to be bone but maybe not.  They said that they didn't think it was a big deal but they wanted us to see a specialist when we got back just to be sure.  So we were a little worried but they assured us that they were just being cautious.  

When we got back from France, S had 3-4 missed calls and messages from the specialist asking her to call and make an appointment. When she got ahold of someone Wednesday afternoon they insisted that they had to see us right away and got her in for 8am the next morning.  Their urgency of course made us really worried and googling what we thought was going on didn't make things any better.  So we show up early the next morning and they do AN HOUR AND A HALF LONG ultrasound.  They remeasured everything and double checked everything.  Then the specialist came in and he did ANOTHER ultrasound.  In the end they didn't find anything.  Our Doctor didn't send over any images for them to look at and after looking all over they didn't see anything at all out of the ordinary.  Then the specialist went into a laundry list of all of S's risk factors and how they could impact the baby, like how having an higher BMI could lead to a late term still birth, which was a bit much.  In the end they told us that even thought they don't think anything is wrong they are going to co manage S with our OB and so we will see them again next month for what I'm sure will be more ultrasounds.  

Of course we are so happy everything seems fine with Noah, but I think they could have handled things a bit better at the specialist.  There was no need for them to make us so worried.  I'm sure it was partly because we didn't call them back for a week to schedule, them not knowing we were out of the country, but still.  

 Wrapping up a few ultrasound pics from the specialist and S's 23 week photo.  Next week she gets to go in and do her glucose test (they are doing it early), so the fun never stops!


  1. Sorry to hear you had a scare. Glad everything seems fine. I would be annoyed about the treatment at the specialist too. Especially the BMI comment! Makes me angry.

  2. How terrifying but so glad everything is okay!!!