Wednesday, May 4, 2016

First Trip to the Dentist

A week or two ago I took Jude to the dentist for the first time.  I know, I know, he should have gone a long time ago, not for the first time at 4.  But, it was a good experience!  He was so scared to go, poor thing.  Mostly because he didn't know what to expect and partly I think because he got shots last time he was at the doctor.  I'm happy to say he had no cavities and got a perfect check up, everything looking good!  He sat so still and was so well behaved, even through X-rays, a cleaning, and a fluoride treatment.  And in the end he got a cool tooth brush.

In pregnancy news, S is still feeling a bit bad with morning sickness, though it does seem to be getting a bit better.  She has burst of energy and feeling normal now and again.  And I don't think she has thrown up in several days now, yay!  She seems to be feeling the baby kick and move a lot and I can't wait till Jude and I can feel it too!  

A few more cute Jude pics
Playing dress up with friends
Silly boy playing Legos
Silly agin with his uncle 


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