Friday, May 20, 2016

18 Weeks!

First off, here is my beautiful wife at 18 weeks
We are tired today because yesterday we went and saw Florence and the Machine! It was super fun and Noah's first concert!  Apparently he thought it was pretty crazy and went nuts a few times.  We also counted 11 pregnant ladies at the concert which were only the ones who walked past us!  Also, while we were in line the guy in front of us dropped a huge wad of cash which S spotted and returned to him so he gave us $20 for drinks as a thank you and then on the way out S found $40 on the ground!  The weather was so perfect, the concert was outside and it had rained so hard all day that we were worried but in the end it was a totally cool, rain free, breezy night.
Concert selfie
Actually a friends pic, our seats were not this close.  She was awesome!
Jude having fun playing dress up with his friends yesterday.  

Some convos I had with Jude yesterday:
"Thunder is scary because it comes with lightning.  And lightning can make you dead."
"We should get an otter or a panda because they don't pee.  They don't have peepees."
After hearing the shocking news that they do pee and that all animals pee
"No, really?  All of them?  Tell me which ones don't pee."

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