Monday, December 28, 2015

A New Plan, Home ICI

So we are done with the fertility doctor.  This is for a number of reasons, mostly cost, but also we are tired of fighting with him.  Tired of his attitude when S doesn't want to have a full to bursting bladder during IUI, tired of being bullied about taking fertility drugs, tired of trying to get in to see him when you never know how long you'll have to wait combined with S being busy at work.  Just tired of it.  So for now we are moving onto at home ICI.  We had originally thought that S would ovulate while we were in Oklahoma for Christmas and that we'd do an ICI using my brother as a donor.  But in the end he decided he couldn't do it because his girlfriend wasn't cool with it and also because of S taking the progesterone her cycle was late and so she didn't ovulate while we were there.  So onto a new plan.

We were going to just skip this month, but....we decided to go for it, but sort of half way.  We only ordered one vial of ICI sperm, which due to our last minute decision making is getting here tomorrow.  Today was only day 12 I believe for S so we ordered some supplies off amazon but those don't get here till Wednesday.  And of course that all means that S got her positive OPK today.  We are going to do our one insemination tomorrow afternoon when the vial gets here.  We have some preseed lube stuff which I've read good reviews of, a new oral medicine syringe, and some instead cups.  Hopefully we can make this stuff work because it's all I could come up with and waiting till Wednesday seems too late.  Fingers crossed for this first home attempt and that we don't totally screw it up!

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  1. Really that is all you need! Slight suggestion: have her fully empty her bladder, do it as late as possible in evening, put in instead cup, orgasm if can, and GO TO SLEEP! Good luck!!!!!