Sunday, May 25, 2014

TTC 2.0!

We are officially back in the trying to conceive game and I am so excited!  Nothing has happened yet, but we have made the decision to start trying in probably August or September.  Today at the grocery store we bought a pack of OPKs and it just made it seem really real.  I have such baby fever and it seems like everyone is either pregnant or has a new baby, which is making me crazy!  

From the few people we have mentioned it to (and if you know us IRL or Facebook please don't mention it), we have gotten a lot of questions on of we will use the same donor again.  And we will if we can, but our donor only has a limited number of samples left and they are only for siblings, so I feel like it could go either way.  We will just have to see, though I think our fertility doctor will store it for us for free, so in that case we will jump on it.  If not, we are going to just cross our fingers.  It's just not that important to us that Jude and his sibling be fully genetically related.  

So we will keep you posted on it all, S meets soon with the fertility doctor and we will get this show on the road!  It's going to be so different this time around with Jude around and having a little more experience with the whole thing.


  1. How exciting!!!!! Wishing you all a quick success!!!! Jude is going to rock as a big brother :)

  2. Jude is going to LOVE having a sibling. There is a good spread between them so they will hopefully end of being best of buds when a bit older. Exciting!!