Friday, May 16, 2014

License to Ill

Going to mommys day out twice a week and to the Y almost daily means that Jude has been exposed to lots of germs lately.  And of course as a result he has been getting sick a ton and so have we.  This week was the second time in three weeks that he was sick.  Mostly high fever, snotty, coughing, the classic cold.  But there has been some puking.  And it's kind of been a running joke with S and I that even though I'm the stay at home mom, she is always the one getting puked on.  I always seem to dodge the bullet.  On Wednesday Jude seemed particularly sick so S decided to work from home to help me out a bit as I wasn't feeling very good either.  S was working on her computer at the desk in our room and Jude and I were cuddling on our bed as he was really sleepy.  I realized it was time for more medicine but I wanted to take his temperature first.  So I ran downstairs to get the thermometer and Starr hopped into our bed for a minute to cuddle.  And just as I reach the bottom stair I hear S shout and run across the floor.  Sure enough when I get back upstairs not even two whole minutes later, he had puked all over her.  When I walked in she was holding him standing in the tub as he wasn't finished yet and all either of us could do was laugh as once again, I avoided the puke.

But yesterday my two year vomit free streak ended and while S was at work, I got puked on.  Though I'm sure if she had been here it would have somehow been her.  Seems like the little dude is feeling better now, thank goodness.

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