Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Scar Face

Jude got his first stitches last weekend.  Not a milestone we were looking forward to.  It happened Friday night about five minutes before bedtime.  He was running around the living room being silly with S.  We were having a dinner party that night with three friends and I was sitting at the table talking when S started screaming Liz, Liz! we have to go to the hospital and Jude started crying.  He had fallen down and hit his head on the corner of a low windowsill by the front door.  And he hit is just right so that it gouged a big cut right above his eyebrow.  There was a lot of blood at first and we scrambled to get shoes on and figure out where the closest hospital was.  

We went right to the ER and got in pretty quickly, but things slowed down from there.  They took one look at his cut and said real stitches would be necessary, no glue, and they would need to put a numbing gel on it for about thirty minutes before they got started.  Of course it took over two hours for them to come put the gel on and then another hour before they came back again.  Then it was stitches time.  They uses a big sheet to swaddle him and a tech came and held his head.  I pinned down his body and S held a cotton pad on his eye closest to the cut and tried to keep him calm.  He was naturally terrified and screamed and cried like I have never heard him do before.  At one point he changed tatics and asked to go bye bye, which made us all laugh for a second.  By time they were done putting in four stitches he was bright red all over and a sweaty mess from getting so worked up.  The whole ordeal took over four hours.  Luckily he was tired by being up way past bedtime and we had our ipad with us, so he was really good with all of the waiting.  It was after midnight by time we got home.  Here he is, with what will be a Luke Perry style scar.  Picture isn't god enough to see the stitches, but they are there :( 
He has really enjoyed getting to use the monster band aids we got.  You can see in the above picture how bruised his poor eye is right now too.  Poor baby.  Here's to hoping we don't have to do that again any time soon!


  1. Poor Jude! Looks like he's handling it okay. I'm sure you two were quite concerned though!

    We place bets on which kid will get an ER visit first. Our son never stops moving, but our daughter is fearless. Either way, I hope it's a long way off.

  2. Poor Jude :( Little Monster got staples in his head, ironically from a deep gash he got from hitting his head on a windowsill, when he was about Jude's age. I think it just comes with the "active kid" territory. Hope he is recovering quickly!!! Great job Moms, way to stay cool in an intense situation!