Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Potty Training

We started potty training Jude last week.  So far we have had very mixed results. We are trying to go slow and have him wearing big boy undies or pull ups when we are at home.  We have a piece of poster board on the wall and we have him pick out a sticker to add to it every time he uses the potty.  And at least half the time if not more, if you remember to ask him every thirty minutes or so if he needs to go to the bathroom he will successfully do it.  But the rest of the time he flat refuses or gets upset and won't even let me put the underwear on him.  He has had a few accidents and a few times of pooping in the big boy undies that was not fun.  So pull ups for the day until his morning poop, lesson learned.  Next week Jude starts a moms day out sort of program two half days a week and I'm not sure how this will effect potty training.  Anyone have any good tips?  


  1. Be patient. Our youngest was very stubborn about it but daycare had him in underwear for 4 days with 0 success until finally he started getting it right. They give him a jelly bean every time he uses the potty. He really loves showing off his skills and we celebrate each time--that seems to help. I found pull-ups = diapers. Wearing those will just make it comfortable for them. Underwear is a pain for the parents but it really does make them feel gross when they go. I recommend having a ton of pants/underwear/socks each day and it helps to have some spare shoes as well. When our daughter was small, we found that she had the best success at home when we had her naked from the waist down because she knew there was nothing to catch it.

    A tip I heard was to have the pull-ups over the underwear when you go out so that they get the same sensation of being wet but you don't have the mess.

  2. My kids have shown an interest in the potty. They do well but I'm scared if I push then they'll take a step backwards. I'm dreading potty training. Give me tips if you find anything that works!